Cucuzza Pietro, ex bicyclist, married. Member of the Recreational F.C.I. Sector's delegation to the Promotion & Develop Regions Sicily - Sardinia and Calabria. Sporting manager, responsible for the development of the mountain-bike. President of the Polisportives Aquila city of Palermo and Sicily 90, Associations thought and created by the same over 25 years ago. In everybody these years of activity, the polisportives has promoted hundreds of competitive demonstrations, cycling tours and recreational cycleng trips in the Palermo and in the province. Various Mountainbike Trophies, Sponsored By the County Environmental Department; various editions of we Pedal together, a ecologically-oriented ride open to everyone from 6 to the 90 year old. Manager of a woman's team composed of fourteen athletes: two Sicilians, two Lombards, four Tuscans, two of Danish nationality, four Americans, two of which became world champions of Mountain - Bike. He participated with them to the Turn of Italy, to the Tour de France, to the Turn of the Trentino, to the organized Tour Drepanum from the group Friends you Stutter, to the Turn of the lakes and various national competitions, getting excellent results. In 1990 he planned the Women's International cycling tourney of Sicily, with well sanctioned by the Federation of Italian cyclists, urgin it to continue the aforesaid demonstration. In the first edition, Angela Agueli (Sicilian) of his women's team, was classified in 2nd place; in 1991, the victory of the champion Italian Maria Caninis (Trentino-Alto Adige); in 1992 the victory of Monia Gallucci and 2nd classified Michela Fanini (Tuscans); in 1993 the victory of the Frenchwoman Marion Glignč; in 1994 the victory of the German Claudia Lehman; in 1995/96 and 97, the consecutive victories of the American Laura Charameda. From 1998 to today, the organization has not been able to continue the aforesaid turnney for lack of funds, doing its best to organize small Provincial and Regional competitions with a big sporting and tourist ic impact. In 2003 he created another cycling turn, called Memorial Judge Giovanni Falcone, Paul Borsellino and Agents of escort, that brings world ciclyng Champions to Palermo for the occasion: Gianni Motta - Francesco Moser - Claudio Chiappucci.

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